Hi, my name is Jaun, I was born in Pietersburg, close to the mighty Limpopo river, which serves as the northern border between South Africa and Zimbabwe. Although the town was declared a city in my early teens, somehow I always saw it as a small town. I spend most of my free time in the bushveld on local game farms. Seeing antelope, and the Big 5 was a normal occurrence, I only really came to appreciate when I started travelling the world. One never realize how fortunate you are until you get older and travel and so share your childhood stories with others. My 1st degree I majored in Psychology, Criminology and African Languages and after completed my Honors degree in Psychology through the University of South Africa.

Everybody in the city knew my dad. He was the one everybody would invite to events, to get things ‘started’. The ‘elder’ where everyone would go to better understand any subject. Jack of all trades and master of all! Never ever did I hear a complaint from his mouth or a bad word uttered about anyone. He had a constant smile on his face, with a clear youthfulness, which earned him the nickname ‘Peter Pan’. His father passed away, just after he left school and being the only son, with five sisters, studying further wasn’t an option. He immediately got a job, and financed his sisters ‘dreams’, even if their dreams were tertiary education.

He was diagnosed in 2002 with Leukemia and through grace he was borrowed to us – for another 7 years.

After his diagnoses, I fell into a deep depression which also lead to the darkest time of my life, and one of the most difficult to get out of, even after I processed my dads death. It was also during this time I made a promise to myself to do whatever I can, to help make people aware of this dreadful disease and how to fight it, i.e. by just making small changes in their lives. I didn’t physically experience cancer, but this illness almost killed me.

I have been writing about mental issues, specializing in Depression and Anxiety, for almost 20 years.

I have not only lived it, but also experienced it through a very close member of my family, who was diagnosed with major depression in their early life.

Please join me in understanding Mental illnesses, especially Depression and Anxiety and how we can beat this – together!

This blog is for us all, so should you need specific information which are not yet captured in this blog, please write to me?