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Fourteen Tips to get through a Panic Attack

Tips to get through a Panic Attack

  1. Take a “time out” and slow down. Slow your rate of breathing, slow your racing thoughts, slow your entire body, head to toe. Then “slowly” resume your previous activities
  1. Picture a relaxing scene using all senses. Now put yourself into the scene
  1. If there are places available, take a stroll. If there are people available, talk to one of them.
  1. Picture a person that you trust, someone who believes in you, supports you and cares about your well-being. Now imagine the person is with you, offering you encouragement.
  1. Recall a time you handled a similar situation well, or try to bring to mind a past success and the good feeling you experienced at the time.
  1. Focus on the present, on concrete objects around you. Make a game of noticing details or inventing questions about every object you identify
  1. Count backwards from 20 and with every number picture a different image of love, something that pleases you, something that calms you. These might be images you recall from the past or those you only imagine.
  1. Occupy your mind with an absorbing task. Plan your schedule for the day or the evening, try to recall the names of all the Clint Eastwood movies you have ever seen; plan a sumptuous meal, appetizer through to dessert, and imagine yourself eating one bite of every course
  1. Bring the mind the image of a person you admire and imagine yourself to actually be that person. Think as they might think, act as they might act, even feel as they might feel.
  1. Remind yourself that attacks always end. Always
  1. Remind yourself that panic is not dangerous
  1. Take a yawn and stretch your body, head to toe.
  1. Get mad. Vow not to let panic win. You deserve better.
  1. If all else fails, take as a deep breath as you can and hold it as long as you can. Use one of the other strategies to occupy your mind. Your physical symptoms should come down and stay down

Tips to get through a Panic Attack; Courtesy of “Master Your Panic” – Beckfield

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