Are You Depressed Or Unhappy – What Is The Difference?

Do you know the difference between being depressed or just sad?

I really think most people know the difference, however the main difference is when a person is experiencing feelings which they find upsetting and can logically tell you what it is that is causing the unhappiness, it is most of the time sadness, whereas a person suffering from depression cannot always necessarily do so.

Depressed or Unhappy – Sadness
  • It is normal to feel sad from time to time. Everyone somewhere, sometime in life will experience sadness.
  • Sadness is a natural reaction to something painful which has happened.
  • People suffering from sadness know their feelings will begin to heal over a period of time.
Depressed or Unhappy – Depression
  • I normally describe depression as when a person can’t see a tomorrow with them in it, they normally are going through depression
  • Depression is more extreme. It is a clinical illness which has a lot more symptoms than sadness and can, if not treated, lead to suicide.
  • A person suffering from depression will usually get worse and do not see an end to the situation.
  • Depression can last for weeks, months or years. It is not something that a person can merely ‘snap out of,’ much as they wish they could. It is just not possible. The feelings are intense and overwhelming and believe me; no-one wants to be contemplating taking their own life.
  • If a person has a loss of interest in life in their daily activities, job, relationship or socialising for more than about two to three weeks and their mood is out of character, then a visit to the doctor would be in order.
  • Some of the main symptoms of depression are:
  1. Tiredness/lethargy or inability to sleep (insomnia)
  2. Loss of interest in social activities and sexual relations
  3. Contemplating death and/or suicide
  4. Lack of self-worth and inappropriate guilt
  5. Significant weight changes
  6. Lack of focus
  • If you show any of the above symptoms, it is recommended you visit your doctor. There are screening tests that are available and there are also a range of them available free on the internet.

So take care of yourself! You are the most special person there in on this planet. There is no one else even remotely like you, that has your talents, skills or abilities. You simply cannot be replaced and you have important things to do with your life. The only person you can control is yourself, so take care of yourself first and foremost.

Everyone and everything else is out of your control. Start doing those things today that make you feel good. You know what they are. We’re all counting on it!

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